Sunday, February 12, 2012

If at first you don't fail...

Me, Alex, and Tom in Weiden
Figured it was time to throw out something a bit more than my typical status updates, so...  Since my last bloggy blog I've returned from Germany and overcome jet-lag...the latter being quite nice.  Germany was truly a great diversion from my day to day life in the United States.  It'd been almost six years since I'd flown out of Frankfurt after living there for the first half of the last decade, and I definitely made the most of my play time that I could.  Immersed in the local culture, sights, sounds, food, beer, and best of all, the people. The chaps with me there in the picture for example...two great gentlemen I will never forget, and I truly hope to be able to spend some time with again one day.  Travel and meeting new people is part of the beauty of this world...adding their light to our own and carrying it forward as we continue on our own matter where our geographic coordinates find us.

Being back in the hot Yoga room feels fantastic, as does trekking on with my spiritual journey in that realm.  I've really taken to heart this week there is no epitome of 'yoginess', grasping the notion that right now, today, and this minute, I AM yoga. (But I am pretty stoked about being able to hook my right leg around my left calf in Garudasana pose).  It's the same thing with everything else.  There is no end-state of perfection, but rather a way of living perfectly.  When and if you ever find someone who faithfully supports your quest to do so, put them in your will.   Until then, just keep on truckin'.  This is my life, this is your life, and it's the only one we have, people.  It's not one that's been granted magic wishes, money-back guarantees, refunds, or finger snapping, nose wiggling, or heel clicking do-overs.  Nope, we're all sorta stuck with the cards we've been dealt.  True, there are throw away cards, face up cards, and those ever mysterious draw cards, but the fact remains a full deck has only so many options. To those that only know yoga as a stretching thing from India this may all sound foreign, but to those that have delved into the practice for one session or a thousand, I hope you get the vibe I'm tossing out. 

I will probably come back here and add, edit, tweak, and greatly modify, but for now this is what I got.