Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Let Life Polish Your Edges...

Found this rock down on the shore of the sea. It is constantly being bombarded by the waves, rarely finding points of not being affected by the realities of the natural world. Like this rock, we too face continual challenging situations in life. The goal of yoga isn't about taking us to a place where we can finally arrive at peace, no, yoga helps us to be able to navigate situations in life off of our mats, finding stillness amidst the raging waters we find ourselves in.

Given all this, adversity is what polishes the stone. The rough edges are worn away as resistance to living with the groundlessness life offers is accepted. Like the stone, we are polished by our adversity; the beauty that has been underneath the surface all along is able to shine when we stop resisting what life is essentially comprised of. Equanimity is the intention to take away from this