Monday, May 16, 2011

Things become a habit after how many times?

I would really dig doing this blog thing right, and in a way that only I can perceive to be such, and will succeed.  I thrive on talking "WITH" people (think about that one for a bit... Do you say "I'll talk to you later"?????  Wrong.  Talking TO someone is a one way conversation.  Talk WITH people.  Hence why I always say... "I'll talk with you ______  (fill in the blank)"
Pointed out, and I am flirting with the idea that I tend to find myself continuously attempting to impart too much knowledge, experience, information, or combination of the three, on others.  Sometimes, well, often, the response is less than accepting, which means I should strive to impart less, shut up more, and jam out to Lady GaGa at an interval more than I do now.  I want your psycho and I don't want to be friends.  Expectations are Zero for this, so that's good, I can achieve that.