Sunday, May 22, 2011

To Do is to Be. Or in other words, if it barks like a dog it probably is

There are things that happen along the way that cause me to scratch my head in wonder.  I wonder what makes any of us tick the tock we each ‘choose’ to tick.  I am old enough that I have pretty much figured out what I will do when put in a number of situations.  I know for instance, that if I am in a situation where hard work (the manual labor type) is required, I will embrace the grit n grime and worry about my dirt encrusted skin covered in sweat later on.  If I want to do it, I will, if not, I won’t.  Peer pressure makes for an uncomfortable thorn at times, but I am slowly learning to piss on that fire as well.
I do most assuredly know that a body in motion is as powerful as one at rest.  When I say that I mean, there have been times in my life when I was running 70 miles a week, and missing a day was “bad”.  Seriously, I used to workout six days a week, twice a day.  Bike, run, swim, lift, race, repeat...  Was in killer shape, but that pretty much was my life.  On the flip side there have also been times when I haven’t had the motivation to do dick for eight months at a time, such as was the case recently. Other than taking part in the ‘running’ part of my beer drinking club or lifting luggage on the many trips I’ve been on in the past year, I have been a lazy fuck. Thank God for the monthly credit card charges that kept appearing on my statement for a gym membership I wasn’t using.  It’s not the money wasted that motivated me; it’s the fact that, quite simply, I love doing, looking, and feeling ~ DLF  (my replacement for the , sorry folks, dumb slogan of GTL).

Doing ~ I embrace the pain that comes with pushing myself.
Looking ~ Yes there is a dose of healthy vanity in me, and
Feeling ~ cause I want to feel good everyday.  That means, my body doesn’t continually remind me of being in pain.  Exercise does this, get on the train dammit!!  I. DO. NOT. WANT. TO. hurt everyday.  I’m a physical sorta guy, and appreciate those things.  

I know being a repeat offender into the world of motion is the hardest part about taking on anything, whether it is getting in the ‘habit’ of hitting the pool, treadmill, weights, or a yoga class. 

I also know that getting in the habit of doing the opposite - nothing - is also difficult (for people like me and many people I know)

Quite simply, and so I don’t bore the shit out of you more....The transition to “Being” is the most difficult part.  Once you get in the habit it’s sooo much easier to keep at it.  Get there and hold on tight bitches, it’s going to be a rough ride sometimes.

Talk about rough rides...Cigarettes were the hardest ‘physical’ crutch for me to ditch, but there are physiological aspects to that requiring a pretty strong will to overcome.  Thank God I didn’t lean on that habit for very long anyway.

People surprise me all the time, back to the scratch reference above.  Social networking has really done a number on society I tell ya.  That, combined with dating websites, texting, email, and God forbid, actually calling someone *shuuuut up* it seems pretty easy for us to wear a “digital mask” (another copyright) when portraying our persona's to the general public.  Ever have a Facebook friend you’ve not really spent much time around before?  Sure, ya have! Here’s how the story goes.  Out hanging with a friend, or at a _________ (fill in the blank) and you get home only to find a friend request from a ‘friend’ of a friend.  Not wanting to be harsh, rather than ignoring the request you ‘accept’ that person, giving them a sweet seat in the front row of your digital performance.  blah blah blah, time goes on, lots of FB chatter between you two and at the end of the day the time comes around again where you meet in person again.   I’ve had this happen in the past where I have experienced such phenom. I have been out at the beer drinking club (with a mild running disorder) events and the person who was so digitally verbose, and blessed with the gift of gab n funny online was sorta plain boring (at least to me) in person.  No big deal, just an observation.  I am true to myself always, and for the most part think I do a pretty damned good job.  I am digitally verbose with all sorts of crude humor, and ya know what, I’m that way in person as well.  Yes folks, Jeff cusses way too much and is pretty funny if you care to peel back a layer or two.  For the record, I actually do say “awesome” a lot in person.  Here’s the bonus, at least around me you get to experience how fabulous I smell on top of being woo’d by my jokes.  Yeah, I just said that... haha!!! 

All for now, thanks for reading

Born :)